Project Description

  • Client: Princess Traveller (The Netherlands)
  • Year: 2016
  • Briefing: Develop a handy accessory which can be applied to all our luggage trolleys.

Travelling is by definition uncomfortable, anything which can be done to make it a little bit more convenient or even fun is great. Princess Traveller is a fast growing Dutch luggage company with international ambitions who understand this and for whom Studio Mango is a development partner. Besides the trolley developments there was a need for an inexpensive accessory which could be applied to all trolleys of Princess but also other brands to be able to introduce the innovative nature of Princess.

Many travel accessories already existed so our challenge was to make something new at low cost and truly helpful for its users. Out of the many brainstorm session ideas the trolley sleeve was selected to be further developed. A neoprene sleeve in 3 sizes which can be pulled over S, M and L trolleys, not only does it ensure your trolley remains closed, it also protects it from damages, makes it easy to personalize & recognize on the luggage belt and last but not least provides a lot of easy to reach compartments to use whilst travelling for magazines, newspapers, food, sunglasses, travel documents, etc.