Project Description

  • Client: MAK (Indonesia)
  • Year: 2016
  • Briefing: Develop a new hospital bed which helps us compete internationally and increase export.

MAK Techno is the largest hospital bed manufacturer in Indonesia, Studio Mango was requested by MAK to design & engineer their new hospital bed. As a market leader producing 60.000 beds annually for the domestic market MAK has everything in house to become a global player. The only missing link was a worldclass product which could match rivalling manufacturers from Japan, the USA and Europe on the international market place.

Studio Mango managed the complete project from concept design until prototyping, often with one of our team members on location in Indonesia to ensure a speedy delivery and short communication lines. The resulting Infinity bed is a great leap forward for MAK in technology, ergonomics and aesthetics making them ready to take on the international competition.