Project Description

  • Client: GEP (The Netherlands)
  • Year: 2016
  • Briefing: Develop our new generation Rainmanager.

For GEP Studio Mango developed their new generation Rainmanager, a system which arranges the water control in houses and buildings where rainwater is stored for use. These systems greatly reduce the amount of water used in households and provide an excellent buffer in neighborhoods against flooding because additional water of heavy rains can be stored in wells which are controlled by the rainmanager. The rainmanager automatically switches between stored rainwater and tapwater and controls the water quality through an array of sensors and cleaning procedures.

Besides the development of the EPP (sound silencing) housing Studio Mango developed most internal components, the printed circuit board and redesigned the user interface so that it is better to understand for users without prior knowledge of rainwater systems. This better looking and easier to operate Rainmanager is fully made in the Netherlands and through smart design costs less to manufacture then prior models.