Project Description

  • Client: Calaa (India)
  • Year: 2015
  • Briefing: Develop a complete new interior brand which can be manufactured in our facilities in India.

In 2014 Studio Mango was approached by a large manufacturer from India in the field of home wares, as an OEM factory they only manufactured for large chain stores in the United States & Europe. The margins to be made on these products were incredibly low and to become sustainable economically, socially and environmentally this caused serious challenges. All the manufacturing capabilities were present however so there was a desire to start their own unique and affordable designer brand to be introduced in the market which enabled fair prices for the people making the goods and reasonable prices for consumers. Studio Mango was approached to be in charge of the brand and product development. In the course of 16 months and many visits back and forth the new brand was shaped which can be perfectly described as the West meeting India. Calaa means a form of creativity in the Hindi language, the backbone of each product is the mix between classic Indian handicrafts and modern innovations & functionalities.

The Russian Roulette is a minibar which enables a unique and easy way to store and display your spirits. It comes with a serving tray, ice bucket, tweezers and 10 (decanter) bottles, so give it a spin and select your ‘poison’.

Each bottle has a label holder around its neck, to be able to know which spirit is in which bottle. Standard labels with logos of the most famous drink brands can be downloaded soon from the Calaa website, if the label of your favorite drink can’t be found on our website just drop us a note and we’ll make sure to add it. Blank labels can also be downloaded to be used in Photoshop or written on by hand.

Ancient Hindu texts already uttered the following wise words: “alcohol is a medicine if consumed in moderation, but a poison if consumed in excess”.