Design process

In practice the design process is about creative and technical processes which eventually will lead to the development of successful and innovative products. Types of products can vary but overall the structure and way they are developed is the same.

As with most things a good start amounts to half the work, with product development a thorough research phase even before a single sketch is made creates the foundation of a good design and successful product. So what’s determined in such a research

  • What is your brands heritage or what is it that your brand stands for?
  • What is the competition doing, do they have similar products and how are they doing?
  • Are there patents which restrict the development of a product?
  • Regulations, which standards need to be taken in account?
  • What are trends in the market and how can a product be positioned?
  • Are there recent technological developments which can be of advantage in the product?
  • Which production capacities does the client have (in-house production)?
  • Ergonomics and usability of the to be developed product.
  • Price, what may a product cost and is this achievable?

Only after answering these questions a solid Program of Demands can be made which sets the guidelines for the remainder of the process. After this the concept development, sketches, design proposal, technical detailing, prototypes and finished product will follow.

See our example cases:

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