Studio Mango Europe

Paul Hendrikx
Paul HendrikxFounder, Senior Industrial Designer
& Mechanical Engineer
MsC Industrial Design, Technical University Delft
BsC Mechanical Engineering | Breda

Besides having the ability to create products which look great & are sold in stores all over the world I believe that our design is a genuine tool that contributes to a better natural and social environment.

Melchior van Voorden
Melchior van VoordenSenior Industrial Designer
& Graphic Designer
BA Industrial & Product Design,
Design Academy | Eindhoven

The diversity of the projects we do at Studio Mango, ensures a fresh & intuitive approach every time. Along with the inspiration & experience from previous projects, it provides the best creative ideas.

Jan Hesselink
Jan HesselinkSenior Industrial Designer
& Mechanical Engineer
BA Industrial Product Design,
Windesheim | Zwolle

Every time you design a product, it is a challenge to be at your most innovative to reach the best possible result. It keeps the mind sharp and ready for a challenge and gives you an opportunity to learn.

Richard Ulderink
Richard UlderinkSenior Industrial Designer
& Mechanical Engineer
BA Industrial Product Design,
Windesheim | Zwolle

Functionality, constructional and esthetic simplicity and care for details are key fundamentals in my design process. They transform an ordinary product into something extraordinary. It is very rewarding to find that perfect balance.

Frits Jan van Kempen
Frits Jan van KempenIndustrial Designer
& Electronics Designer
MsC Industrial Design, Technical University Delft
Electronics | Hilversum

I love to tinker and make products. I have very broad interests and hobbies which help me with the very broad process of creating a product from idea to manufacturing.

For Studio Mango I mainly focus on the inside of the product, namely the electronics.

Kenneth Tan
Kenneth TanIndustrial Designer
BA Product Design,
HVA | Amsterdam

As a designer you want to create solutions to accomplish a particular purpose and create better things for people.
To design the best products you combine knowledge, innovation and vision and make something beautiful out of it.

Arjan Maas
Arjan MaasIndustrial Designer
& User Experience/ Interaction designer
MsC & BsC Industrial Design,
University of Technology | Eindhoven

Good products are products people remember. Although every memory is different, it’s always about the overall user experience. Focused on the user, I aim to create innovative concepts, aesthetically pleasing designs and intuitive, enjoyable interactions.

Minko van Spijker
Minko van SpijkerIndustrial Designer
BsC Industrial Design Engineering
MsC Integrated Product Design
University of Technology | Delft

A good product is designed with the user in mind. The design should be intuitive and logical. It is tempting to make a product too complex, the trick is to keep it simple.

 Thijs Sjoerdsma
Thijs Sjoerdsma Industrial Designer
& User Experience/ Interaction designer
BA Industrial Design, HHS | The Hague
MsC Industrial Design,
University of Technology | Eindhoven

Every new project comes with new stakeholders and objectives. Designing with respect to all of the involved perspectives, allows to develop thoughtful products regarding user experience, business relevance, producibility and all of this with matching aesthetics.

Studio Mango Asia

Erick Sze
Erick SzeManager & Industrial Designer
BA(Hons) Industrial & Product Design &
MDes ( Design Strategies ),
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A functional design is useful; a pretty design is appreciable. A clever design should be functional and pretty so as to make life enjoyable.

Sideman Wong
Sideman WongIndustrial Designer
BA(Hons) Industrial & Product Design,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Design is like cooking: a good chef can prepare delicious meals with basic ingredients like a good designer can create amazing and affordable products with simple elements.

Nikki Sze
Nikki SzeStudio Coordinator Hong Kong
BA(Hons) Fashion and Textile Studies,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University