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Our vision

STUDIO MANGO is like our customers looking for innovation; through co-operation, research, creative solutions and affordable engineering we strive to develop products which look professional, are useful to consumers and generate more revenues for our clients.

STUDIO MANGO is known for: 

  • Professional design of products.
  • Development of totally new concepts, products and markets.
  • Finding of innovative solutions for working principles of products.
  • Re-design of products or assembly lines to cut down costs

Design process

In practice the design process is about creative and technical processes which eventually will lead to the development of successful and innovative products. Types of products can vary but overall the structure and way they are developed is the same.

As with most things a good start amounts to half the work, with product development a thorough research phase even before a single sketch is made creates the foundation of a good design and successful product. So what’s determined in such a research?

  • What is your brands heritage or what is it that your brand stands for?
  • What is the competition doing, do they have similar products and how are they doing?
  • Are there patents which restrict the development of a product?
  • Regulations, which standards need to be taken in account?
  • What are trends in the market and how can a product be positioned?
  • Are there recent technological developments which can be of advantage in the product?
  • Which production capacities does the client have (in-house production)?
  • Ergonomics and usability of the to be developed product.
  • Price, what may a product cost and is this achievable?

Only after answering these questions a solid Program of Demands can be made which sets the guidelines for the remainder of the process. After this the concept development, sketches, design proposal, technical detailing, prototypes and finished product will follow.

See our example cases:

Nursing Bed design & engineering engineering, design, prototype & production   |  Eneco NRGSPOT EV charging station project-management, engineering, prototype, design, production & CE testing


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Our clients

Meet our Team

Studio Mango Europe

Paul Hendrikx
Paul HendrikxFounder, Senior Industrial Designer
& Mechanical Engineer
MsC Industrial Design, Technical University Delft
BsC Mechanical Engineering | Breda

Besides having the ability to create products which look great & are sold in stores all over the world I believe that our design is a genuine tool that contributes to a better natural and social environment.

Melchior van Voorden
Melchior van VoordenSenior Industrial Designer
& Graphic Designer
BA Industrial & Product Design,
Design Academy | Eindhoven

The diversity of the projects we do at Studio Mango, ensures a fresh & intuitive approach every time. Along with the inspiration & experience from previous projects, it provides the best creative ideas.

Jan Hesselink
Jan HesselinkSenior Industrial Designer
& Mechanical Engineer
BA Industrial Product Design,
Windesheim | Zwolle

Every time you design a product, it is a challenge to be at your most innovative to reach the best possible result. It keeps the mind sharp and ready for a challenge and gives you an opportunity to learn.

Richard Ulderink
Richard UlderinkSenior Industrial Designer
& Mechanical Engineer
BA Industrial Product Design,
Windesheim | Zwolle

Functionality, constructional and esthetic simplicity and care for details are key fundamentals in my design process. They transform an ordinary product into something extraordinary. It is very rewarding to find that perfect balance.

Frits Jan van Kempen
Frits Jan van KempenIndustrial Designer
& Electronics Designer
MsC Industrial Design, Technical University Delft
Electronics | Hilversum

I love to tinker and make products. I have very broad interests and hobbies which help me with the very broad process of creating a product from idea to manufacturing.

For Studio Mango I mainly focus on the inside of the product, namely the electronics.

Kenneth Tan
Kenneth TanIndustrial Designer
BA Product Design,
HVA | Amsterdam

As a designer you want to create solutions to accomplish a particular purpose and create better things for people.
To design the best products you combine knowledge, innovation and vision and make something beautiful out of it.

Arjan Maas
Arjan MaasIndustrial Designer
& User Experience/ Interaction designer
MsC & BsC Industrial Design,
University of Technology | Eindhoven

Good products are products people remember. Although every memory is different, it’s always about the overall user experience. Focused on the user, I aim to create innovative concepts, aesthetically pleasing designs and intuitive, enjoyable interactions.

Minko van Spijker
Minko van SpijkerIndustrial Designer
BsC Industrial Design Engineering
MsC Integrated Product Design
University of Technology | Delft

A good product is designed with the user in mind. The design should be intuitive and logical. It is tempting to make a product too complex, the trick is to keep it simple.

 Thijs Sjoerdsma
Thijs Sjoerdsma Industrial Designer
& User Experience/ Interaction designer
BA Industrial Design, HHS | The Hague
MsC Industrial Design,
University of Technology | Eindhoven

Every new project comes with new stakeholders and objectives. Designing with respect to all of the involved perspectives, allows to develop thoughtful products regarding user experience, business relevance, producibility and all of this with matching aesthetics.

Studio Mango Asia

Erick Sze
Erick SzeManager & Industrial Designer
BA(Hons) Industrial & Product Design &
MDes ( Design Strategies ),
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A functional design is useful; a pretty design is appreciable. A clever design should be functional and pretty so as to make life enjoyable.

Sideman Wong
Sideman WongIndustrial Designer
BA(Hons) Industrial & Product Design,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Design is like cooking: a good chef can prepare delicious meals with basic ingredients like a good designer can create amazing and affordable products with simple elements.

Nikki Sze
Nikki SzeStudio Coordinator Hong Kong
BA(Hons) Fashion and Textile Studies,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Studio Mango Offices

STUDIO MANGO operates from two principle locations one in the city of Breda the Netherlands and one in Central Hong-Kong, besides working from these locations we often work as seconded employees at any required location for our clients.

You are more than welcome to make a visit to any of our offices, we’ll make sure the coffee is ready!

Our Team is built out of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electronics/software engineers and graphic designers. For each project we select an optimal team of engineers and designers to complete the tasks at hand.

Oranjeboomstraat 1C | 4814 EE Breda
The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 76 532 35 79

S402 PMQ | 35 Aberdeen Street | Central
T +852 (0) 953 600 30


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GIO 2015

good industrial design | Ventilight collection

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PDMA innovation award

Hoppertje | folding doorstep aid

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Evolution Bracelet

Wins 2nd place
in the Purmundus design challenge.

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Zaha Hadid Design competition

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Honourable mention

Kitty Meow | Cat Bed

2015: Good Industrial Design Award
2015: best innovation
2013: 1st place design competition
2013: 2nd place in design competition
2013: Merit award for Kitty Meow
2011: Certificate of Excellence
2011: Merit award for fashion collection
2010: Design pressure cooker winner
2008: Honourable mention
2007: MACEF ceramics design award
2007: 2nd place in design challenge
2007: 3d place in design competition