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Heliox Fast Charging Station

Client: Heliox (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Assist us in the development of our new fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Heliox has over 30 years of professional power conversion experience and is active in the most demanding markets. Amongst other products they develop a diversity of products to fit charging strategies from […]

Avutec Security Camera

Client: Avutec (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a IP67 camera housing in which our electronics can be fitted.

When Avutec contacted Studio Mango they had developed a camera module including a printed circuit board which was able to recognize license plates of cars. They wanted to use this technology in a camera to […]

Lifemaxx weights & dumbbell tower


Nearly all fitness equipment including dumbbell towers and storage racks are manufactured in China; the only reason for this is to save costs because it is a time consuming task to weld these steel constructions together. So if you happen to be a fitness brand from the Netherlands and […]

JCDecaux NRGSPOT Billboard – MUPI

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Charging your electric vehicle you can do here at the NRGSPOT! Integrated within the street furniture of JCDecaux this Eneco chargepoint is powered by durable green energy. Two companies with green ambitions towards electric transport and durability.

Usage of the NRGSPOT is free of charge and can be operated with […]

Rero Sport | Top Goal

What could possibly be improved to something as simple as a soccer goal? Well it turns out a lot… RERO sports set out to develop the most safe goal the world had ever seen, quite a few players are injured in their enthusiasm to either score or prevent the […]

NRGSPOT-Light | Lightpost & chargingstation in 1

For our clients Eneco & SAPA, we developed a charging station which is integrated within a standard light-post. In this way the city streetscape can be maintained without adding additional obstacles like existing charging stations do.

The design of the NRGSPOT-Light is made to fit the public environment, with a […]

Bicycle parking system & charging station in 1

For Falco & Eneco a new secured outdoor bicycle parking system was developed. The system allows the safe storage of 99% of all types of bicycles and works with the Dutch national OV-chip card system. Besides the safe storage it also allows charging of electric bicycles.


ATC Solar Curve Electric Buss charging station

Studio Mango designed the SOLAR CURVE, to fit the current city street view of Noord-Brabant and match with existing bus stops. It can be clearly recognized as being a bus stop & offers shelter to travelers waiting. The Electric power needed to charge the city bus is fully compensated […]

Zero-Emission light post

Studio Mango developed the first ZERO-emission light posts in the world for Citytec. These 12 meter  high posts are guaranteed to provide enough energy for their LED armatures through solar & wind energy generated in the post.

These are the first posts of their kind which have no need for […]


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The new NRGSPOT has a modest design which makes it suitable to be placed in any public space, drawing enough but not too much attention. Important for the users is that the charging station is easy and intuitive to use, the user is informed through information on the integrated […]