iShear Wheelchair shear force detector

Client: iShear (Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a measuring tool for shear force in wheelchair bound people.

People who are bound to wheelchairs often have pressure wounds on their upper legs and behind. When they visit an occupational therapist the measurement tool most often used is a pressure mat to determine what kind […]

MAK hospital bed


Client: MAK (Indonesia)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a new hospital bed which helps us compete internationally and increase export.

MAK Techno is the largest hospital bed manufacturer in Indonesia, Studio Mango was requested by MAK to design & engineer their new hospital bed. As a market leader producing 60.000 beds annually for […]

Heliox Fast Charging Station

Client: Heliox (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Assist us in the development of our new fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Heliox has over 30 years of professional power conversion experience and is active in the most demanding markets. Amongst other products they develop a diversity of products to fit charging strategies from […]

Avutec Security Camera

Client: Avutec (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a IP67 camera housing in which our electronics can be fitted.

When Avutec contacted Studio Mango they had developed a camera module including a printed circuit board which was able to recognize license plates of cars. They wanted to use this technology in a camera to […]

[PND]TECH Registration Console

Client: PND[TECH] (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a mobile registration console to be used in conferences all over the world.

The Dutch company PND[TECH] develops and leases stand-alone registration consoles which are deployed at congresses and tradeshows all over the world. These consoles can be used for registration, sign in, purchase options […]

GEP Rainmanager

Client: GEP (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop our new generation Rainmanager.

For GEP Studio Mango developed their new generation Rainmanager, a system which arranges the water control in houses and buildings where rainwater is stored for use. These systems greatly reduce the amount of water used in households and provide an excellent buffer in neighborhoods […]

Lifemaxx weights & dumbbell tower

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Nearly all fitness equipment including dumbbell towers and storage racks are manufactured in China; the only reason for this is to save costs because it is a time consuming task to weld these steel constructions together. So if you happen to be a fitness brand from the Netherlands and […]

London Electric Taxi

For over 2 years the designers and engineers of Studio Mango have worked on location to completely redesign and engineer the iconic London taxi. To be able to change the gas guzzeling combustion engine taxi into an environmentally friendly EV (Electric Vehicle), the whole taxi had to be redesigned […]

Emoss electric Bus

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For the new bus brand Composite Mobility Studio Mango assisted in the development of their new CM Mission bus, which is ideally suited for passenger transport, inner-city freight transport, airport shuttle and VIP transport. Its combination of a full composite body and electric drive system makes the bus lightweight, […]