Heliox Fast Charging Station

Client: Heliox (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Assist us in the development of our new fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Heliox has over 30 years of professional power conversion experience and is active in the most demanding markets. Amongst other products they develop a diversity of products to fit charging strategies from […]

Princess Luggage Sleeve

Client: Princess Traveller (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a handy accessory which can be applied to all our luggage trolleys.

Travelling is by definition uncomfortable, anything which can be done to make it a little bit more convenient or even fun is great. Princess Traveller is a fast growing Dutch luggage company with international ambitions who understand this […]

London Electric Taxi

For over 2 years the designers and engineers of Studio Mango have worked on location to completely redesign and engineer the iconic London taxi. To be able to change the gas guzzeling combustion engine taxi into an environmentally friendly EV (Electric Vehicle), the whole taxi had to be redesigned […]

Hoppertje doorstep aid

When Studio Mango was approached by Brain Management International they had in the previous year developed an innovative folding doorstep aid (the Hoppertje), however, the production costs were so high that the model was not salable. To drastically reduce the production costs the product had to be completely re-designed. […]

Free-skate jumpstart

The Jumpstart which was developed by Studio Mango for the innovative ice skating company Free Skate enables users of the free skate to click into their ice skates with much less effort. The jumpstart helps users to remain in balance whilst putting on their ice skates. Design, engineering and […]

Emoss electric Bus

For the new bus brand Composite Mobility Studio Mango assisted in the development of their new CM Mission bus, which is ideally suited for passenger transport, inner-city freight transport, airport shuttle and VIP transport. Its combination of a full composite body and electric drive system makes the bus lightweight, […]

Emoss Electric DAF truck

For the innovative company Emoss, Studio Mango has done all the hardware and design engineering to convert this gas guzzling DAF truck into a fuel efficient fully electric truck.

EMOSS Electric Man Truck

For the innovative company Emoss, Studio Mango has done all the hardware and design engineering to convert this gas guzzling MAN truck into a fuel efficient fully electric truck.

Click Here to watch a small clip with all the info about this Electric Truck.




JCDecaux NRGSPOT Billboard – MUPI

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Charging your electric vehicle you can do here at the NRGSPOT! Integrated within the street furniture of JCDecaux this Eneco chargepoint is powered by durable green energy. Two companies with green ambitions towards electric transport and durability.

Usage of the NRGSPOT is free of charge and can be operated with […]

NRGSPOT-Light | Lightpost & chargingstation in 1

For our clients Eneco & SAPA, we developed a charging station which is integrated within a standard light-post. In this way the city streetscape can be maintained without adding additional obstacles like existing charging stations do.

The design of the NRGSPOT-Light is made to fit the public environment, with a […]