iShear Wheelchair shear force detector

Client: iShear (Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a measuring tool for shear force in wheelchair bound people.

People who are bound to wheelchairs often have pressure wounds on their upper legs and behind. When they visit an occupational therapist the measurement tool most often used is a pressure mat to determine what kind […]

MAK hospital bed

Client: MAK (Indonesia)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a new hospital bed which helps us compete internationally and increase export.

MAK Techno is the largest hospital bed manufacturer in Indonesia, Studio Mango was requested by MAK to design & engineer their new hospital bed. As a market leader producing 60.000 beds annually for […]

Hoppertje doorstep aid

When Studio Mango was approached by Brain Management International they had in the previous year developed an innovative folding doorstep aid (the Hoppertje), however, the production costs were so high that the model was not salable. To drastically reduce the production costs the product had to be completely re-designed. […]

Pebblestone soul trainer

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Mojo Creations develops tangible designer fitness tools with technical features to train mind and soul. By training with full awareness the “mental muscles” an overall feeling of contentment and joy can be realized. Its first product the Pebblestone trains gratitude, one of the most powerful emotions that are at […]

Nursing Bed 2045

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The 2045 nursing bed does not have the appearance of an adjustable care bed. All technology which moves the parts of the bed is hidden. To achieve this the bed uses two columns to move up and down, a new guidance system was developed to maintain the stability of […]