ASWY 5.1 Floating Speaker System

Client: ASWY (Taiwan)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a high-end speaker system in which you integrate our hovering sound technology.

Studio Mango was requested by ASWY to create the design for their 5.1 speaker set, in this system their patented hovering tweeter technology needed to be integrated. The tweeters hover/fly completely free above […]

Heliox Fast Charging Station

Client: Heliox (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Assist us in the development of our new fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Heliox has over 30 years of professional power conversion experience and is active in the most demanding markets. Amongst other products they develop a diversity of products to fit charging strategies from […]

Avutec Security Camera

Client: Avutec (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a IP67 camera housing in which our electronics can be fitted.

When Avutec contacted Studio Mango they had developed a camera module including a printed circuit board which was able to recognize license plates of cars. They wanted to use this technology in a camera to […]

[PND]TECH Registration Console

Client: PND[TECH] (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a mobile registration console to be used in conferences all over the world.

The Dutch company PND[TECH] develops and leases stand-alone registration consoles which are deployed at congresses and tradeshows all over the world. These consoles can be used for registration, sign in, purchase options […]

GEP Rainmanager

Client: GEP (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop our new generation Rainmanager.

For GEP Studio Mango developed their new generation Rainmanager, a system which arranges the water control in houses and buildings where rainwater is stored for use. These systems greatly reduce the amount of water used in households and provide an excellent buffer in neighborhoods […]

Sellplug Security Power Strip

Sellmore develops theft preventing products to be used in stores, the uniqueness of their products is that besides preventing theft they also promote sales. Normally electronic devices in stores are protected by connecting them to store furniture or fixed objects with metal alarm cables, making everybody feel like a […]

Pebblestone soul trainer

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Mojo Creations develops tangible designer fitness tools with technical features to train mind and soul. By training with full awareness the “mental muscles” an overall feeling of contentment and joy can be realized. Its first product the Pebblestone trains gratitude, one of the most powerful emotions that are at […]

JCDecaux NRGSPOT Billboard – MUPI

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Charging your electric vehicle you can do here at the NRGSPOT! Integrated within the street furniture of JCDecaux this Eneco chargepoint is powered by durable green energy. Two companies with green ambitions towards electric transport and durability.

Usage of the NRGSPOT is free of charge and can be operated with […]

NRGSPOT-Light | Lightpost & chargingstation in 1

For our clients Eneco & SAPA, we developed a charging station which is integrated within a standard light-post. In this way the city streetscape can be maintained without adding additional obstacles like existing charging stations do.

The design of the NRGSPOT-Light is made to fit the public environment, with a […]