Heliox Fast Charging Station

Client: Heliox (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Assist us in the development of our new fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Heliox has over 30 years of professional power conversion experience and is active in the most demanding markets. Amongst other products they develop a diversity of products to fit charging strategies from […]

Arni Rock n’ Run leash

For many people some of the most precious moments of their days are spent with their pets, increasingly even working out together. In the USA; the homebase of the ARNI foundation many people go running or hiking with their dogs. Keeping dogs on a leash is manditory in many public […]

Ventilight Ventilation & Light

For several years Odeer was already selling Ventilition products which combined lighting in the Australian market. Studio Mango was approached to redesign and upgrade a few models to be introduced in the European market. After market research however it turned out that the whole system needed a re-design because the […]

Pebblestone soul trainer

Mojo Creations develops tangible designer fitness tools with technical features to train mind and soul. By training with full awareness the “mental muscles” an overall feeling of contentment and joy can be realized. Its first product the Pebblestone trains gratitude, one of the most powerful emotions that are at […]

Deryan Sunny Travel Cots

Deryan is a well known manufacturer of baby and children’s tarvel cots and play pens to communicate to the public that their new series of travel costs / tents had been improved and received an OEKO (fabric safety) certificate a new design was necessary to communicate the updated model […]

Arni Kitty Kasa collection

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ARNI Says is a new brand in pet items which has been completely developed by Studio Mango, besides the brand identity, logo’s and website all products have been designed and manufactured by Studio Mango as well. All profits of the Kitty Kasa collection go directly to the ARNI foundation. […]

2gether jewelry collection

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Due to the large succes of the 2gether ring, Cubify requested that an extension to the collection needed to be designed comprising a necklace, earrings and a bracelet to complement this beautiful and romantic ring. All these jewels are 3d printed and then either gold or silver plated and […]

JCDecaux NRGSPOT Billboard – MUPI

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Charging your electric vehicle you can do here at the NRGSPOT! Integrated within the street furniture of JCDecaux this Eneco chargepoint is powered by durable green energy. Two companies with green ambitions towards electric transport and durability.

Usage of the NRGSPOT is free of charge and can be operated with […]



Who doesn’t remember the colorful playing blocks from their youth, LEGO an abbreviation of Leg Godt (play good) was transformed by Studio Mango in Lygte Godt: LYGO. A unique LYGO block was designed which curves into a 50 cm diameter circle, through stacking, combining and playing you are now […]

ATC Solar Curve Electric Buss charging station

Studio Mango designed the SOLAR CURVE, to fit the current city street view of Noord-Brabant and match with existing bus stops. It can be clearly recognized as being a bus stop & offers shelter to travelers waiting. The Electric power needed to charge the city bus is fully compensated […]