Cadac Meridian Woody

Client: Cadac (South-Africa)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a new gas BBQ frame with wooden features

Cadac continuously pushes the envelope in gas BBQ development. As they call it themselves their branche is filled with “grey box” products. This means that all brands have the same items only differentiating details are logo’s and […]

ASWY 5.1 Floating Speaker System

Client: ASWY (Taiwan)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a high-end speaker system in which you integrate our hovering sound technology.

Studio Mango was requested by ASWY to create the design for their 5.1 speaker set, in this system their patented hovering tweeter technology needed to be integrated. The tweeters hover/fly completely free above […]

Princess Luggage Sleeve

Client: Princess Traveller (The Netherlands)
Year: 2016
Briefing: Develop a handy accessory which can be applied to all our luggage trolleys.

Travelling is by definition uncomfortable, anything which can be done to make it a little bit more convenient or even fun is great. Princess Traveller is a fast growing Dutch luggage company with international ambitions who understand this […]

Lifemaxx weights & dumbbell tower


Nearly all fitness equipment including dumbbell towers and storage racks are manufactured in China; the only reason for this is to save costs because it is a time consuming task to weld these steel constructions together. So if you happen to be a fitness brand from the Netherlands and […]

Cadac BBQ Tools

Cadac’s sales of BBQ tools were declining in recent years because of the high manufacturing costs of their designs, Studio Mango was asked to re-design the collection. Keeping the unique and aesthetically pleasing features was a must. In the design process a choice was made to use a injection […]

Arni Rock n’ Run leash

For many people some of the most precious moments of their days are spent with their pets, increasingly even working out together. In the USA; the homebase of the ARNI foundation many people go running or hiking with their dogs. Keeping dogs on a leash is manditory in many public […]

Cloudy toilet roll holder

When the WWF challenged Studio Mango to design an interior product which saves natural resources it took us a while to come up with the right approach for the project; but after a few weeks of thinking the idea literally hit one of our Hong-Kong colleagues in the shower. […]

Karlsson Periscope Clock

The origins of the Periscope Clock lie in a sketch which was made during a team brainstorm session at Studio Mango, besides the fact that it looked great there was the notion that time always sneaks up on you (just think of your alarm clock). And what else is better […]

Pebblestone soul trainer

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Mojo Creations develops tangible designer fitness tools with technical features to train mind and soul. By training with full awareness the “mental muscles” an overall feeling of contentment and joy can be realized. Its first product the Pebblestone trains gratitude, one of the most powerful emotions that are at […]

2gether jewelry collection

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Due to the large succes of the 2gether ring, Cubify requested that an extension to the collection needed to be designed comprising a necklace, earrings and a bracelet to complement this beautiful and romantic ring. All these jewels are 3d printed and then either gold or silver plated and […]