Studio Mango is a product design company which develops innovative products, brands and concepts.

Our team of designers and engineers have many years of industrial design experience.

From our offices in the Netherlands & Hong-Kong we cater for a wide variety of international & local clients in the design, engineering & manufacturing of their products and development of their brands.

Our main competences are:

  • Development of innovative products & concepts;
  • Brand development;
  • Engineering for production (affordability);
  • Explore new markets based on client portfolio;
  • Technical project management;
  • Outsourcing of production & quality control;



2gether jewelry collection



Kiditec LM collection


Free-skate jumpstart


Emoss electric Bus


kiditec new models


Wind Up Bamboo clock

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Industrial Product Design
Through research and discussions with our clients the demands are determined to which a product has to comply. After creating this program of demands a step by step design process follows in which we go from concept sketches, 3d models, prototypes to the final technical drawings which are used for production.
Research & Consultancy
It is key for any project to gather as much information prior to starting developing actual products. Gathering this knowledge can be time consuming and costly. Studio Mango can provide the expertise and knowledge through our design consultancy.
Besides the development of professional products which are suitable for mass production, Studio mango is well familiar with the mechanical engineering principles which can produce more efficient and less expensive products. 
3D Visualization
A picture says more than a 1.000 words, not only for products we are capable to provide professional visualizations and presentations also an array of other projects can be visualized. 
Branding & marketing
Often a product isn’t complete without a packaging, manual or website. An increasingly graphic displays also find their way back in or on the actual product itself. 
Production coordination
Product development & quality control on location: you’re involved in product development abroad (for example China) or are planning to do so in the future? Moving your production to another country can have serious financial benefits but besides these benefits it can also bring other problems. Through temporarily employing an engineer from Studio Mango which will be deployed on location you assure yourself of having short communication lines and the quality and skills where you need them.